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Picture of the month

Weather photos of the month for the year 2013

January 2013 - Re-condensation in very humid air at the wings of an airplane.
Photo of the month january 2013
Februar 2013 - The real German winter season 2012/13 took place in February 2013.
Photo of the month februar 2013
March 2013 - Foehn wall cloud in the alpines.
Photo of the month march 2013
April 2013 - Finally snow and ice are gone and birdhouses will never refilled.
Photo of the month april 2013
May 2013 - Parhelion on a translucent cloud cover.
Photo of the month may 2013
June 2013 - June 2013 was the month of flooding; at least we got more waterways and lakes.
Photo of the month june 2013
July 2013 - Summertime reached south Germany and we had an iMA Barbecue.
Photo of the month july 2013
August 2013 - The month august was the month with massiv hail and thundershowers. The pictuer shows the typical Mamutus clouds.
Photo of the month august 2013
September 2013 - In September season of fog and misty weather starts. Very dangerous is fog on the sea, I appears like a wall.
Photo of the month september 2013
October 2013 - As every year the not only coloring in the vineyards in south Germany has been amazing.
Photo of the month october 2013
November 2013 - Impressions of November – view from a hill of the Vosges mountains.
Photo of the month november 2013
Dezember 2013 - The iMA Richter & Roeckle wishes all customers and friends a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a Successful and Healthy New Year 2014. The picture shows the Christmas Market in the old town of Leonberg, south Germany.
Photos of the month december 2013