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iMA office Freiburg
Claus-Jürgen Richter
Telephone: +49-761-202-1661

iMA office Stuttgart
Dr. Jost Nielinger
Telephone: +49-7156-4389-15

Company philosophy

Our work is based on the motto: “Planning reliability through methodology experience.”

In other words, we combine maximum scientific actuality and neutrality with the goal of attaining utmost efficiency and satisfaction for our clients. Neutrality is a prerequisite for our work as experts in an advisory capacity and for the issue of technical reports for administrative bodies, industrial sectors, local authorities, and courts of law.

In view of this, in 2004 we introduced a quality management system (QS) for all our services based on the requirements of accreditation as a measuring agency in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025-2005. A crucial element of this quality assurance is the seamless retracing of all activities in order to commute possibly occurring non-optimized processes into optimization of the system (i.e. our work). This quality management system is rigorously checked, improved and updated on the basis of an annual, external audit. Every member of staff is integrated in this system and is obliged to abide by it as well as make individual proposals with regard to improvement and optimization.